Friday, 27 November 2009

Got your Garage Rating yet?

Motor Codes garage Rating system is the latest reason why you should only use a subscriber to the Motor Industry Code of Practice for Service and Repair if you're a motorist looking for a responsible business operator to look after your car.

It's the only way you can assess the past performance of a garage from the combined feedback of motorists that have used their services before, summarised as one overall rating and 6 sub-ratings for the individual areas of assessment from the survey, which are:

The booking process
Information provided about the work and your bill
Level of customer service
Quality of service and/or repair
Are you satisfied with the work carried out
Would you recommend this garage to family or friend

If you're a garage ready to gain an enhanced reputation and looking to drive more business through your doors, then get signed up and follow these easy steps to make sure the Code works for you:

1. State your commitment to self regulation and support of the industry code within your website
2. Ensure your unique web page on the code website is as compelling an advert for your garage as possible
3. Gain your Garage Rating by having 25 customers complete a Consumer Survey online at or freepost return from the Codes Brief Guide leaflet
4. Make reference to your Garage Rating – established by the independent industry body and fed by actual customers (you could also then link to it from your brands website)
5. Potential customers looking for a local garage to use will assess your offer through the unique web page and previous customer feedback through the Garage Rating when using the postcode Garage Finder search facility on the codes website

Remember, you can trust a Motor Codes garage - find one here

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Friday, 13 November 2009

Consumer Direct provide 5% of referral web traffic

Consumer Direct, the government funded advisory service is now signposting consumers to the Motor Codes website and free to call Consumer Advice Line on 0800 692 0825 - for specialist advice on New Car, Service and Repair and Vehicle Warranty Products matters.

Following agreement earlier this year, I am delighted that Motor Codes is now able to provide consumers looking for assistance through Consumer Direct with the sector specialist advice required.

Reducing the amount of time a consumer has to look for answers is key to resolving a dispute, the quicker we can get talking, the quicker we can advise on the issue and resolve and matters that may be causing concern.

For further detail on the Motor Codes operation and to view the Motor Industry Codes of Practice click here

Consumer Direct

All the best

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Hella service outlets set to join Code

Hella, the provider of all things electronic and electrical to the automotive sector is to subscribe all 200 of its Service Partners to the Service and Repair Code. Hella have set an initial target of year end 2009, with March 2010 set as the deadline for all to sign up.

With the Code covering all aspects of the service and repair sector, it is great to see such a specific area coming on board - great news for the Code, Hella Service Partners and their customers.

All the best

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

6 million drivers forget their MOT test!

According to Zurich Insurance, 6 million UK drivers have forgotten their MOT test is due!

If your car has no MOT you are driving illegally, no discussion, no debate, no getting out of it - plan and simple breaking the law. The interesting point here is that this offence will be being committed by day to day law abiding citizens, just too busy with life and have clean forgot about it.

Now, what happens if you're caught driving with no MOT? If caught, you might receive a fine of up to £4,000 dependent upon your vehicle, penalty points may be applied causing your insurance premium to increase -all because you forgot.

No need to even think about it, get on to the Motor Codes website and register your vehicles MOT date and we'll email you a reminder a few weeks beforehand, for free!

Easy huh, do it now.

All the best

Unipart Car Care Centres showing independents the way

Unipart Automotive are bringing large numbers of independent garages into subscription of the Motor Industry Code of Practice for Service and Repair, 142 at today's count but I'll bet it'll carry on increasing at a rapid rate.

Unipart agreed to begin using the Code as a sign of reassurance for the Car Care Centre customers and they are doing just that, adding value to their offer and demonstrating that independent garages are signing up to the Code and utilising the benefits it brings.

Thanks to Unipart Automotive and their Car Care Centres!

If you operate an independent garage or chain of garages, why not pick up on this excellent example of getting on and showing some leadership by doing the right thing and get yourselves signed up here.

All the best