Thursday, 26 August 2010

It's ok to trust a trustworthy garage

There has been some talk this week of poorly performing garages following yet another round of 'mystery shopping' by Which? magazine. It is curious that a judgement on such a large customer facing support operation like Motor Codes with 6,500 garages subscribed is made through 17 experiences.

Motor Codes garages offer motorists the kind of experience that returns a 93% customer satisfaction score through 4,000 surveys we have had returned to date.

What Car? take a different approach. They look to help motorists identify which garages are committed to doing the right thing and offer sound advice and a process to having a car serviced or repaired which, if followed, can help remove some of the uncertainty.

This is pure Motor Codes theory. A 'no surprises' approach to engaging with a garage which is simple yet effective and doesn't rely on the individual having technical or operational knowledge.

The first stage of this process is to find a garage that is committed to treating you, your property and your cash with respect. These are Motor Codes garages, who by signing up to the Service and Repair Code have committed to honest and transparent customer service. To give their customers that added reassurance, they also offer a government backed dispute resolution service should it ever be required.

The garage and customer then agree in simple and straightforward language and terms, what work is required and what the cost of that work will be.

At this point the customer should take time to ensure they are comfortable with the offer and get other quotations for comparative purposes if they feel it necessary.

Once agreed on the work and cost to complete it, it remains the same until completion of the job unless the customer is contacted and expressly agrees to additional work and additional cost.

End result, happy customer, retained customer, and a free advert for the garage to their family and friends. That's why the current recommendation rate for Motor Codes garage customers is 92%.

These figures demonstrate the strength in the Motor Codes approach, objective measurement, transparency and the opportunity for those getting it wrong to put it right.

Mystery shopping? Tends to provide headlines, not solutions.

All the best

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

What Car? Live Q & A

It was good to be invited to be the first guest on the What Car Live Q&A today, a really neat on line forum they have running every Tuesday lunchtime from 1pm.

All motoring questions are welcomed and the team use their knowledge and expertise to provide answers, it's quick-fire stuff!

Click above to view it on the What Car? site.

All the best