Thursday, 20 January 2011

Tyres from supermarkets - whatever next!

Times they are a changing - that's for sure. This week Motor Codes subscriber announced a deal to sell tyres through Tesco. That'll be Tesco Tyres then...

Brilliant move.

Good for - good for their network of partner garages that will see increased revenue through the initiative and good for the consumer.

Blackcircles has already cut the edge in the highly competitive arena of tyre sales. How? By removing the necessity for a tyre retailer to operate a network of outlets and fitting bays.

They use the internet to sell the tyres and a network of existing garages around the nation to fit them. This cuts big cost out of the business, which then doesn't have to be passed on to the customer. It is also convenient for the customer, who can select a nearby garage and convenient time to have the tyres fitted. Ensuring the experience is tailored to the customer needs.

Think further and it's pretty obvious that those garages that uses to fit tyres are actually being introduced to a stream of potential new customers every week.

Fabulous stuff this, and already very successful - Tesco Tyres will drive business, reputation and consumer confidence.

Here's a clear message to the traditional automotive retailer if ever I saw one, move with the times or risk getting left behind. It's my feeling there's more to come from

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