Thursday, 17 November 2011

Times, they are a changing

This month we bought a new car for the family. I say new, it's three years old. Our son says it's our big new car - that's good enough for me.

Why am I telling you this? Well, we live in north Essex and the car came from Gateshead, we didn't see it in the flesh, test drive it, touch it, kick its tyres or study the paintwork before we bought it.

We found a dealer group that we trust and entered into a process whereby they 'assisted' us to find the car we wanted, in the colour we wanted, mileage, previous history and ownership, all as we wanted. The vehicle was the exact specification we wanted as we'd spent time researching it beforehand.

The car was delivered to our door, at the time and day we specified, with bridging insurance in place for a week to allow us to drive it immediately. Which we did.

The car had an MOT and service prior to delivery, has 12 months warranty and roadside assistance cover, as well as a 'no quibble' exchange or refund should the vehicle not be what we had agreed to buy.

For team Mason, you can't beat this. We have bought our last two family cars through this process now, without having to find time to trail the kids around forecourts and everything that entails.

Horses for courses I know, some would think us mad to complete the transaction without actually seeing and driving the vehicle.

I reckon that's the way the used car market is evolving and by the time our son gets to buying his first car, it might just seem a little odd to him that we used to go and look at them.

I may be wrong, time will tell..

All the best

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Alan Bourgein said...

It's fine Chris if you know exactly what you want as you did. Presumably you knew this as you had previously owned the same model or knew someone who had one [I trust you didn't go into your local dealer and view and drive it there, then go and buy it elsewhere :-)), but many customers don't. They still need to check whether their knees hit the steering wheel, or how easy it is to get their 3 year old into the child seat in the back. They will often want to see whether Cobalt Blue really is as sparkly as it looks in the glossy magazines. As you say, it is horses for courses, but I believe that rumours of the demise of reputable local dealers is greatly exaggerated! Alan Bourgein