Saturday, 20 August 2011

Listening and learning

Three years in and we've come a long way. Motor Codes has grown rapidly, and as it does so do the requirements of our subscribers across all three codes.

For me, a great sign of how we have become established within the automotive landscape is that we don't find our subscribers talking about super complaints or enforced regulation much anymore. You may recall Motor Codes was originally established to defend the industry against such a move by Government. Now we get asked about increasing the benefits, raising profile and driving more business.

Expectations are high, but I guess that's a compliment and a sign of confidence in what we have and continue to create.

The important thing here is, it's not just me and the Motor Codes team that drive this development - it's our subscribers and stakeholders. We make the effort to listen and act upon feedback, encouraging you to get involved in the debate and drive the process of development.

If you want to get more involved, give me a call or drop me a line, anytime:

020 7344 9215

You can also get in touch and follow our progress via twitter @chrismasonmcl

Be good to hear from you and where possible get together and have a cuppa and a chat.

All the best

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Winter tyres - a thought

August and I've just been asked about winter tyres. I guess that's about right, and while we retain hopes of an Indian summer the reality is we should make a plan.

I know it's a step we should probably now consider as part of the annual cycle of car ownership, winters are biting hard and it feels like I should be thinking about making sure we get around and remain in good shape through the cold months.

I just can't square off the thought that come autumn I'll have to get the family car into town, get some cold weather tyres fitted, load the regular tyres into the boot, get home, get dirty making space in the garage (prime space in the Mason household), only to have to manoeuvre around them each time I need to access the garage....then, do it all again in reverse once spring time comes. Phew...

The thing is, if a local friendly Motor Codes retailer decided to take all the bother out of the process and collect the car, give it a winter check over, change the tyres - store the regulars until spring for me, then do the same to get the norms back next spring and store the coldies for me, I might be convinced.

I'd probably align the MOT and servicing to save myself even more fuss.

Just a thought...

All the best

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Motor Codes - cutting edge

A couple of great examples of how the Motor Codes survey is featuring more as an additional means of providing reassurance and building consumer confidence. Click on the images to view the sites.

We always say that it's ok to trust a trustworthy garage - but how do you find one in the first instance. At Motor Codes we know that the majority of garage operators provide excellent customer service and we're committed to standing with them in the promotion of their business.

So we've developed this range of 'widgets' that they can place on their websites. The good thing about the satisfaction levels and verbatim customer comments they display is that they aren't generated from own brand surveys, they're driven by the Motor Codes survey.

What better way to demonstrate transparency to existing customers and those looking for a new garage to use than by using the customer comments and feedback generated through impartial means and not linked into any performance related incentive - just customers leaving feedback for the benefit of other motorists.

Motor Codes - peace of mind for the motorist.

All the best