Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Motorists spend £7.8 million at Motor Codes garages

2012 was an excellent year for Motor Codes, both in terms of delivery against business plan and the progressive development of our products and services.

Our subscribers are now directly benefiting from signing up, not only through the credibility and peace of mind their association with Motor Codes and our OFT approved code brings to their business and customers - but also through a demonstrable return on investment.

Below is a brief overview of the key numbers, demonstrating how the subscriber base is growing, that most calls to our advice team are not complaints and how our web site is fast becoming a market place which motorists are using to assess, review and contact our subscribers.

Importantly, facilitated over 1.3 million views of subscriber profiles by motorists actively searching for an approved garage within their postcode area.

Following a successful pilot, call monitoring software was introduced across the entire network from September. This allows us to monitor the volume of calls made via profile page views to subscribing garages.

The impressive fact is that between September and year end, we generated 45,000 customer calls to Motor Codes subscribers.

Based on a call to booking ratio of 90%* and an average invoice value of £193** Motor Codes channelled £7,816,500 of incremental revenue to our subscribers during the course of the year but predominantly during the final four months, as our web traffic rose significantly.

Motor Codes is making sense to more subscribers and garage owners and with the team well set to keep up the good work, 2013 is looking very positive for all.


Total - 6,942
Franchised dealers - 5,565 (80.2%)
Independent garages - 1,377 (19.8%)

Web traffic:

Unique users - 795,911
2012 target - 562,500
80% increase year on year

Garage Finder searches - 207,685
2012 target - 199,200
4% increase year on year

Profile page views - 1,315,117
2012 target - 825,000
94% increase year on year

Advisory Service

Consumer initial contacts - 9,093
Fast Track resolution - 277
Conciliation - 394
Arbitration - 11

Call to case escalation ratio - 7%

Survey returns:

Year total - 23,765
2012 target - 21,600
20% increase year on year

Total returns since inception - 51,480

For more information contact me
directly or get in touch with our communications manager, David Rogers.

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*Figure based on Motor Codes call whispering pilot data
**Source: The Castrol Professional Car Servicing & Repair Trend Tracker 2012 Update

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Barbara Terrell said...

Congratulations to Motor Codes, this only means that these dudes are doing a great job in providing the needs of their customers. Perhaps it’s a sign that their loyal customers could expect more from them. Keep up with the good work and hoping for a better than ever car servicing and garage selling.